About Us

Southern Soul Barbeque was founded in 2006 by long-time friends and SSI natives Griffin Bufkin and Harrison Sapp. From our humble beginnings in a cafe by the St. Simons' pier, to our present day home on the bustling roundabout, we've bent a lot of rules but always followed one: Respect the Pork!

We smoke on Lang smokers, with wood from the local Live Oak, slow and low. That's why our bbq has a taste and tenderness like no other. 


In 2010, just weeks after a visit from Guy Fieri from the Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, the restaurant caught fire early one morning and we watched as all we had built went up in smoke. Not to be deterred, and with the instant and tireless support of our close knit island community, SSBBQ was back in operation in no time. With a food truck we got back to smoking supper for the locals and visitors while construction on a new building commenced.

For 10 years we've have had the honor of serving folks from all over the world. We've won countless awards, served famous athletes, actors, musicians, food critics, and reality stars, but the locals, visitors and first timers are celebrities to us.  We love giving back to the magnificent coastal area that has supported us at every step...

...and we'll always respect the pork.

Peace, Love & BBQ,

The Crew @ Southern Soul

Saint Simons Island, Ga

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